OLIVER BARNETT - Botanical artist

“My work now charts an ever-shifting perception of place within the land and our relationship to the organic world. The images I make intend to offer tools to connect to a collective perception of the fragile magic of the environment and find new ways to enjoy, share and preserve the natural habitats that sustain and nourish life.

My daily work life varies according to whether I have a particular project on the go. An average day consists of a morning spent communicating with galleries/clients, specific image tweaking or visiting my printer/framer. Either this or out in the field catching morning light with my camera, looking for locations and foraging for subjects. Afternoons are mostly for outdoor activities with my children after school. Evenings I am often in my studio office composing and creating…

Spending time in the wild, looking for subjects is a great pleasure and to an extent relieves the stresses that modern life sends our way!  For me being outside fills me with gratitude - it is never an aimless pursuit. It is my hope that this approach creates a platform for my children to feel the same way. Doing what we love holds immense value, and encourages others to discover their own joy through their work. ”

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