LOULOU D’VIL - Burlesque performer

“As a child I wanted to be a vet because I have always loved animals. After that I wanted to be a rockstar.

I found burlesque kind of by accident. I saw this magazine story of Dita Von Teese in 2007 and got really interested in the art form. I took part of the very first burlesque event in Helsinki in 2008 (on new comer’s night) and fell in love. Very soon I was traveling around Europe and then the world. It demanded lot of work (still does) but has been worth of all the struggle. 

My job is my lifestyle and my lifestyle is my job. I can’t really separate them. As an artist & entrepreneur I work 24/7. Every day is different - it’s nonstop. It’s training, rehearsals, sewing, traveling, updating the website, trying to find new show songs, choreographing, drawing, writing etc. I’m designing costumes & new show ideas all the time, and I rehearse new skills. 

I’m used to taking care of everything by myself so I also take care of all business things -  bookings, show arrangements, marketing, social media, branding and photoshoot planning. We have two club nights here in Vegas and those take lot of our time too. 

In my work I get to be as creative as I want to, meet new people and to travel. I’m also learning constantly. It is hard to find a balance between work & free time. One day I would like to see myself as an artistic producer and have parties like Andy Warhol had!”

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