PED ROSSITER - Metal Recycler

“I always wanted to be into metal and crushing metal but I have done several jobs. Worked on a pig farm, driving, worked in a cheeses factory. My father done it before me. He just put a few cars in the corner and was breaking cars and in ’95 when i took over i went more into the metal side of recycling. 

In a day I will oversee everything that’s going on, cut a few engines out and do a bit of metal generally. My sons cut vehicles and use the crushing machine. When they were kids they were always here and driving the machines. They are very keen to take it on when I retire.

The highlights are when the sun is shining and the stresses I suppose is all the red tape we have to get about - risk assessments - the health and safety side, environmental.

Summer is the best time of all in this job. Winter is a bit depressing - wet and cold with dark nights. I will be retired at 55 - which means I will wake up and do what I want to do. I won’t give up work - that’s impossible but I won’t be doing this - I will do something else.”

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