BENDINI - Anatomical Wonder

“I first started juggling when I was 10 when my parents were given some juggling balls as an anniversary gift. I really slowly taught myself to juggle over a couple of years. I first started practicing more regularly after seeing a contact juggler at a local festival, this led to me going to Cambridge Community Circus where I met Rubber Paul a local contortionist / yoga teacher. I then started stretching a lot and this interest in the more unusual aspects of the human body and performing led onto learning sword swallowing and the such.

I’ve been stretching and training off and on for 15 or so years but performing professionally for maybe 4 or 5. I do a mix of circus and sideshow performance with clowning.

Most of my time is probably spent creating todo lists and then not doing them! I usually end up spending lots of time training, creating new shows or doing admin / promotion. There isn’t really an average week 

I think like most people that do this I love performing and the people you meet. The freedom of being self employed is great but the admin less so.”

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