AMY SAUNDERS - Entertainer, curator, provocateur

“My work is constantly changing and increasingly at odds with the ability to survive. I got into it accidentally, discovered the concept swordswallowing and, as an oral gal, knew I had to learn how. So taught myself. Everything came from that decision. Life and work are so intertwined there is no difference betwixt. This makes having a ‘real life’ somewhat impossible. A day is writing and exercise in the morning. More admin than I can handle in the afternoon, gigging at night. With touring this can change, but tends to be the way to stay sane. I love facilitating peoples good times. I see myself (and all performers) as being a part of the hospitality business. ‘we’re here for you!’ The stresses are that it is TOO MUCH to do for one person so I am constantly wearing about 9 hats and doing about 17 jobs. ”

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