Matilda was born on a cider farm in Somerset, England in 1981. Afterpursuing a career in tropical infectious diseases she happened upon photography. She is known for her stylised portraiture of marginalised societies. At times confrontational, her work is a empathetic nod to the self expression of her subjects and commands the immediate attention of the viewer.

“I have always admired the bravery of the mavericks who are comfortable to sit outside society’s norms”

Matilda is based in London and divides her time between commissions and her personal work. This year Matilda is a finalist for the SONY World Photo Awards for her African work. She is also currently a finalist in the CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the year awards for her work on the Somerset floods. Matilda is working on a book 'UNDER THE SURFACE' documenting her community's recent flooding. You can pre order a book here for delivery in July.


  • June 2014, The Environmental Photographer of the Year, RGS, London
  • May 2014, END PLATES, Somerset House, SONY World Photo Awards
  • April 2014, ABYSINNIAN DREAMS, Private Show, London
  • September 2013 'HUMAN ZOO: UGLY CARDS' Cock and BullGallery, London

  • May 2013, 'HUMAN ZOO: The London Series, The WilmotteGallery, London

  • Current Ebony Gallery Franschoeck, South Africa

  • Summer 2011 BODIES, Green Monkey Gallery, Frome,Somerset, UK
  • July 2011 ABYSSINIAN DREAMS Private Show, Brussels,Belgium

  • Dec 2010 ABYSSINIAN DREAMS The Michael Hoppen Window,London, UK 

  • Nov 2010 ABYSSINIAN DREAMS The Michael Hoppen Gallery,Paris
  • July-Dec 2010 CIRCUS AND SEXUALITY Solo show, Coco DeMer, London

Oct – Nov 2010 CIRCUS Solo show, The Lighthouse ArtsCentre, Poole, UK 

  • July-Aug 2010 CIRCUS AND THE BODY Solo show, JacksonsLane Theatre, London

APR-MAY 2010 CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS Solo show, TheRoundhouse, London 
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